New Zealand lifts some COVID-19 restrictions as economy set to take hit from pandemic

Speaker 0: New Zealand’s prime minister has vowed to end coronavirus in her country we have the opportunity to do something no other country has achieved elimination of the virus but it will continue to need a team of five million behind it just one new case was recorded on Sunday with the preceding days new cases only appearing in single digits the country has started to lift it’s tough lockdown restrictions which includes allowing some nonessential businesses to reopen that’s what it’s reopening some schools and healthcare centers however for now most people will still be required to stay home and keep social distancing rules in place despite the good news officials have warned not to be complacent if lockdown meshes are lifted too quickly a second wave of covered nineteen could hit the country the government plans to monitor new cases and slowly ease of restrictions in four levels of lockdown with the country now entering the third level new Zealand’s borders all closed off of them for residents and citizens however when coming into New Zealand everyone has to isolate themselves for fourteen days with the government putting them up in hotels to do such New Zealand was placed under lockdown in mid March with just one death all the time from corporate nineteen now the country has just under one thousand five hundred cases and nineteen deaths New Zealand announced one of the toughest and quickest lockdowns of anywhere in the world allowing for just one hour outside for each person which includes exercise will come into the shop the nation shut down most businesses including delivery and takeaway services one of the only industry is allowed to operate is food persistent problems the transmission right of the virus is just no point full meaning the person with the disease for transparent on average to less than one person the global average is two point five many people are praising the government’s swift response as to why the virus is being contained how.

Speaker 0: 

Ever New Zealand has a small population just five million people in total less than the entirety of New York or London on top of that the public is not densely populated I’m a country can quickly and easily close its borders to stop the virus from coming in New Zealand has also hot more cases per one hundred thousand people than its neighbor Australia who have taken a fall more relaxed approach to combat the pandemic in Australia people have been urged to socially distance wash their hands and stay at home but many businesses remain open financial full cost westpac predicts the economic shock resulting from the cupboard nineteen lockdown will hit New Zealand fall Western Australia with the key vehicle may set to shrink fourteen percent in the three months from April to June what’s the Strela will drop by eight point five percent new Zealand’s tough approach to the virus seems to have been successful in slowing the spread of the pandemic but many are asking whether the economic shock from such strict measures was worth it. The definitive source for Transcribe from New Zealand lifts some COVID-19 restrictions as economy set to take hit from pandemic







[Source The Sun News:]